2010-2011 Stories

Technology Review
Predicting How Long You’ll Live

Stealth DNA May Control Aging

Targeting a Master Regulator of Disease

Drug Targets Lupus by Tricking Immune System

Consumer Genetic Tests Under Scrutiny

Training Computers to Combat Blindness

Insulin in a Pill

Extending the Life of Donated Organs

Tiny Drill Attacks Tough Tumors

Start-Up (Subscription required)
Natural Products: Back in Vogue?

The Boston Globe
All Inclusive: A New System Puts Doctors on Fixed Budgets

Medicare Changes May Make Plan D Choice Easier

Kaiser Health News
With USA Today: Community Hospitals Scramble to Survive, Stay Independent

With McClatchy: Cigna Leading Charge in Battle Over What Counts as Health Care

New Health Law Will Require Industry to Disclose Payments to Physicians

BioWorld Insight (Subscription required)
Stripped Down Business Model, Outsourcing Gives NPS New Life

“New Territory”: Biotechs Await FDA Rules on Social Media

Post EU Win, InterMune Weighs U.S. Options for Perfenidone

Internet Pioneer Builds Wiki to Personalize Cancer Trials

Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium: Better, Faster, Cheaper Trials (PDF)

A Deep Dive Into Pfizer’s Emerging Biotech Strategy

Phenomix: How Everything Right Can Go So Wrong

Big Bio Amgen Looks Abroad to Solve Big Pharma Issues

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Eli Lilly’s Drug Assembly Line

Diabetes is No Fun, But it Can be a Game

With Motley Fool:

Agios and Celgene: Anatomy of an Ultra-Valuable Biotech Marriage

Merck Fine-Tunes Biosimilars Strategy as FDA Guidelines Loom

Bristol/Pfizer Team on Alert as FDA Reviews Stroke-Prevention Drug From Rivals

 5 Questions for IBM on Watson, Jeopardy, and Real-World Applications for Analytics

Pet Dogs Help Biotech Startups Find New Weapons to Fight Cancer

Gamification Hits Healthcare as Startups Vie for Cash and Partners

Hard-Nosed Hedge Fund Chief Has Soft Spot for Rare-Disease Startup

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BNET “On the News”
Pay-for-Performance: Another Nail in the Coffin for Disadvantaged Hospitals

Reform Can’t Come Soon Enough for People Who Buy Individual Health Insurance Plans

Healthcare Reform Drives Physicians Towards M&A and Hospital Buyouts

Amgen’s New Osteoporosis Drug: It May Not Fly Under Health Reform

Dietary Supplements: Latest Government Uproar No Match for Industry Lobbying Money

Healthcare Reform: Exchanges Will Force Health Insurers Outside Their Comfort Zone

Healthcare Reform: New iPhone Calculator App Claims it’s All Good, Even When it’s Not

Why “Pay for Performance” Could Lead Doctors to Discriminate Against the Obese

Hospitals Shake off Scandals as Healthcare Reform Revives Interest in the Industry

5 Ways to Fill the Healthcare Gap Before Medicare

New Physician Payment Plans Could Benefit Patients

Get Healthy, With Help from Your Employer

Free Health Services that May Save Your Life

How Health Calculators Can Ease Your Pocketbook Pain

Health Calculators Unearth Cost Disparities

How to Fight a Denied Health Claim–And Win

3 Fresh Ideas for Slashing Your Drug Bill

Is a High-Deductible Health Plan Right for You?

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your FSA